Standing Committees

The FIEMA´s structure is made up by a set of standing consultative committees with the following formal objectives:

• To propose and discuss strategies related to the outstanding issues that affect the industrial sector and present draft legislation projects according to its respective area of responsibility;
• To provide supporting elements for the decision making process of FIEMA’s direction bodies regarding to its strategic positioning and actions in the defense of Maranhão industry’s interests;
• To broaden the participation of representative sectors, organizations and associations of industry seeking to consolidate and standardize FIEMA’s representation activities; and
• To guide, accompany and evaluate FIEMA representatives´ performance in the collegiate bodies of public authority and other institutions according to their respective areas of responsibility.

Each Standing Committee consists of up to members with a chairman indicated by The FIEMA´s President. The committees normally meet every two months but extraordinary meetings may be called by the chairman. The committee areas and their respective activities are as follows:

Legislative Affairs (CAL): The committee analyses and guides FIEMA’s political activities and focuses on accompanying and influencing the legislative process. In addition it marshals political support for projects of interest to the industrial sector and participates in the formulation of the Legislative Agenda.
Chairman: Cláudio Donizete Azevedo
Executive Secretary: Roberto Bastos da Silva

Infrastructure (CTINFRA): It evaluates, accompanies, and proposes suggestions about the availability and quality of infrastructure in Maranhão, particularly in the fields of energy, transport, ports, basic sanitation and telecommunications. It also monitors and influences the development of regulatory frameworks for those sectors.
Chairman: José de Ribamar Barbosa Belo
Executive Secretary: Luiz Vinicius Muniz Cantanhede Brito

Environment (COEMA): It accompanies the respective legislation; develops policy proposals and stimulates practices aiming at achieving eco-efficiency. It also promotes debates with environment specialists and authorities and evaluates public policies on environmental licensing, environmental quality and control, forests and bio-diversity, treatment and disposal of solid waste among others. It formulates lines of action to increment industries’ competitiveness and environment preservation.
Chairman: Benedito Bezerra Mendes
Executive Secretary: Roberto Bastos da Silva

Micro and Small Businesses (COMPEM): It contributes to the elaboration and execution of policies concerning differentiated treatment for small industrial businesses seeking to stimulate their development and enhance their competitiveness. It carries out studies and proposes strategies on issues of interest to micro and small businesses such as technological innovation, entrepreneurial qualification and access to foreign markets.
Chairman: Celso Gonçalo de Sousa
Executive Secretary: Gilberto de Jesus Matos Junior

Industrial Policy and Technological Development (COPIN): It elaborates and accompanies the execution of policies concerning industrial and technological development, offering supporting elements for their improvement. It promotes debates with specialists and authorities from the field of industrial and innovation policies and evaluates public policies for the sector.
Chairman: Luiz Fernando Coimbra Renner
Executive Secretary: Gilberto de Jesus Matos Junior

Labor Relations and Trade Union Development (CTRT): It presents proposals for altering labor and trade union legislation in alignment with concepts of modernity and harmony of capital and labor relations. It is also active in examining labor market trends, employment and salary policies in Brazil as well as the respective legislation and international labor relations.
Chairman: José Orlando Soares Leite
Executive Secretary: José Alberto Aboud

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