Support for Exports (CIN Network)

Created with the support of the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex- Brazil) and coordinated at the national level by CNI, the Brazilian Network of International Business Centers (CIN Network) works towards the internationalization of products, as well as of small and medium-sized Brazilian companies.

The International Business Centers serve as Gateways for Brazilian companies into the world market. Through the advisory services supplied by professionals with proven experience in foreign trade, companies rationalize their internationalization processes, getting to know their real business opportunities in other countries.

Through a network that adds knowledge and skills accumulated in the 27 International Business Centers around the country, CIN Network offers the necessary advice for small and medium-sized companies to be launched into the international market. Learn about these services, ranging from company’s promotion to capacity building, and find out how your own business can take this step.

CIN/FIEMA has a complete portfolio of products and services in the international relations area, CIN/FIEMA benefits Maranhão companies in the expansion and diffusion of its businesses and helps to foster trade between the industries of our State and abroad.

Contact The Sistema FIEMA by phone +55 (98) 3212-1896 or e-mail

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